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Total Deposited

30,100.47739307 TRX

Total Paid

30,524.67645352 TRX


84.97162989 TRX

tron Pool

tron Pool is temporary disabled

Earn up to 0.5% TRX every 24 hours: deposit TRX into the pool and wait until your deposit be filled out.

  • is just a game to have fun, don't forget
  • 1 active deposit allowed per user
  • See Deposit Plans table to know available earning plans
  • Insurance is available only for filling deposit, will be used to fill interest and the payment is make at 00:00 (server time) every day
  • Multiple account and bad behaviour will be punished


Deposit Plans

Plan Min. Max. Roi Timer Fees Insurance Referral
#10 1.84707511 TRX < 1,847.07511038 TRX 0.5% 24 hours 0.1% 84.97162989 TRX 40%

Deposit Queue

The table below show the list of deposit waiting to be filled out; because the FIFO (First Input, First Output) implementation, this pool use every deposit, from the same Deposit Plan, to repay the first one until the queue will empty

Status User Plan Date Insurance Deposit Interest Filled